“I’m on the pursuit of happiness..."

Recently I read the book 'I met a monk' by Rose Elliot (yep that's Rose Elliot the vegetarian cook) and it's had quite a profound affect on how I approach life. The part autobiography, part self-help book approaches the teachings of Buddhism and mindfulness meditation in the 21st century without being preechy. In short the premise of the book is how you can be happy.

The book and of course may urge to use a Kid Cudi lyric as the title of my post is pretty much why I decided to do a post on being happy ;) Read on...

Happiness comes from within.

Everyone can be happy if they want to - at the end of the day how we feel is decided by us not external factors. If someone upsets us it's because we have chosen to get upset by their actions. For example that person making a snide remark or someone pushing you out the way in the supermarket, why is that your problem? It's their anger and you should leave it at that. Don't choose to take on their anger, instead laugh it off as it's their issue not yours.

Stop overthinking.
How many times have you got worked up because you are overthinking a situation before it has even happened? Loads right, and how many times afterwards did you think you totally over reacted. Yep. That. Don't think for others and don't think how something is going to play out. You usually are wrong. We have a habit of complicating life with our thoughts. Stop complicating things with your thoughts and see how better you feel.

Don't link everything together.

Ok so you've woken up all positive and then your train was delayed, you spilt your drink all over the contents of your bag and then you fell over (just an example). How many times have you linked all these incidents together and then accepted that the day is going to be bad? Well newsflash it doesn't have to be a bad day. Just because all that happened in the first few hours of your day it doesn't mean you have to think the day will be bad. At the end of the day your day is only bad if you think it will be. Shit happens, accept it and then move on. Trust your day will get better and it will. It always does.

Show gratitude. 

If something is bugging you just look at all the positives in your life and show gratitude. And don't tell me you can't find something to be grateful for because it can be something simple as being alive or having food on your plate.

Spread the love.

Random acts of genuine kindness can do a world of wonders not only for you but the person at the receiving end. It can be something simple such as smiling at a stranger or giving someone a genuine compliment or just letting them know how much you appreciate them. Being nice doesn't cost anything and you never know how much it can make a difference in someone else's life.

And finally....


Meera Sharma

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