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I don't know about you guys but with so many fashion based sites out there it is quite easy to get lost on the Internet when looking for that perfect outfit. We have all been there when we thought we would do a bit of Internet shopping - you know when you give yourself a time frame to browse sites and then bam a couple of hours have passed...yeah that.

If like me you don't want to scroll through a ton of clothing but would rather see a smaller selection of quality clothing then Avenue 32 is the site for you. I recently stumbled across the online luxury site and was impressed with it's fun selection of designer pieces. With brands ranging from Giles to Todd Lynn, as well as Meadham Kirchhoff (yep you read right) it is a great site for those of us that like to add designer pieces to our wardrobes - be it with accessories or clothing.

My Picks
Naturally I thought I would share my top 5 picks and with Christmas around the corner there is no better time than now to put together that wishlist ;)

If there is something I love it is a good, fun sweatshirt and this particular one from Calla certainly caught my eye. The vibrant colour can allow you to add vibe up a look - I would recommend pairing with a simple black leather look skirt or black trousers.

I love myself a good printed dress, but it is difficult to find a print that doesn't look cheap well I can assure you with this Giles black graffiti print pencil dress you will not have that issue. It can be worn in a number of ways - wear simply as a pencil dress or throw a fun sweatshirt over it and work with high tops for a more casual look.

Let's not forget that it is winter and even though we have had some quite nice weather - I know I complain a lot about the cold but it usual is around 15 degrees outside. Saying living in England we do know that will most probably change so now is probably the best time to invest in a good, quality coat. This particular black double breasted coat by David Szeto is certainly an investment piece - the style of this coat can transcend seasons and keep you warm for plenty of winters to come - and that is my justification for spending over £1000 on a coat.

We all know with festive season around the corner there are going to be a ton of parties to attend and if like me you would rather opt for comfy yet stylish shoes over a pair of ridiculous heels then Surface to Air 's Silver Flatbush creepers are for you. Again you can make your outfit revolve around these jazzy shoes - I would go for an androgynous look and opt for a slick black suit and let the shoes do the talking.
No outfit is complete without a cool clutch bag and this blue faux fur Pablo clutch by Shrimps is a great way to inject some coolness to the simplest of looks. Pair it with an all black look for ultimate effect.

So what do you all think of my picks? I certainly recommend you check out Avenue 32 especially if you love yourself a good designer piece, and who doesn't?


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Meera Sharma

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