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This is the second instalment of 60 seconds with, which is a way for me to showcase bloggers, from around the world, that I find interesting and think you should know about. Each post sees a different blogger answer some quick ad fun questions about themselves that should take no more than 60 seconds, hence the name ;)

This months 60 seconds with sees me have a quick chat with Danielle Mason, from London, who runs Floral Danielle. So what are you waiting for, scroll down to see what Danielle had to say to me....

Floral Danielle

Photo credit: Joe McCarthy 

"I got into blogging only last summer. It was the first Summer since I had started University to study Fashion Design and I read blogs daily so I thought why not start my own blog too. I'm always looking in charity shops and car boot sales, or on eBay for bargains so I thought I might as well show my finds to the world! :) "

Describe your style in one word..
Ooh one word is really hard! I would say 'vintage' as I love my vintage pieces and love taking inspiration from the past, but I could also go with 'a mix match of however I'm feeling that day!'

My BFF would describe me as...
Weird but cute! We are literally so on the same page - we can tell each other everything, yet she'll still laugh at me for being stupid! 

If you opened my wardrobe you would find..
A mix of vintage and new. I have a massive rail in my uni room stuffed full of clothes, lots of vintage jumpers and shirts, cute dresses and high waisted shorts :)

Three things I couldn't live without..
My H&M fur stole - I've literally been living in it this winter!
My iPhone - now I've got it I never want to go back! Spend way too much time on instragram, twitter etc!
My family/friends/boyfriend/dogs - squished them all into one, but I literally couldn't live without them! :) 

Favourite Stylista?
I don't really look to celebrities for fashion/outfit inspiration. I usually spend most of my time reading other blogs and getting inspiration from there but I do have to admit I am obsessed with Peaches Geldof!

Cara Delevingne or Jourdan Dunn?
They're both absolutely stunning, but I do have to say I love a bit of Cara stalking! 

Gotta love going to LFW because it's local. I just love the whole vibe. 

Latest Fashion Splurge?
I recently treated myself to the Topshop pinafore playsuit and I can't wait for a reason to wear it! 

The last song I played on my iPod was...
Bastille - Pompeii

Words to live by...
"Nothing worth having comes easy" and "When was the last time you did something new for the first time."

So what do you think Stylista's? Check out Danielle 's blog by clicking here. If you want to get involved leave a comment below or drop me an email with a link to your blog. 


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