Paris Fashion Week - Chanel S/S 13

As I am assured you are all aware the Chanel show took place this morning and as a Chanel lover I had to dedicate a blog post to my thoughts on the show.

Accessories Galore! 
For me, this year it was all about the accessories, everything from the oversized pearls to the oversized Chanel handbag were delightful. Scroll down to see some of the fab accessories Karl Lagerfeld has in store for us for S/S 13.

Love this!

But for those that cant see themselves working a big Chanel handbag you can get a mini version which is cute.

Like the fun colours of this handbag. 

This Chanel handbag reminds me of a lego block, who doesnt love lego! 

Simple shoes, similar to those at Dior.

Plastic seems to be all the trend. 

Oversized pearl bracelets that remind me personally of scrunchies!

Some more shoes on offer, personally not my cup of tea. 

More oversized pearls! I love pearls.

The Collection
Whilst the accessories caught my eye I cannot say I was oh so impressed with the actual clothes. It is the details of the clothes that make them more great but I personally was not feeling the colour palette and prints. That is not to say I completely disliked the collection as there were a few pieces that caught my eye and I did like but it is not my favourite Chanel show sorry to say Stylista's! What did you all think? 

One of my preferred looks. 

Chanel Armour anyone? 

This is where the collection started to get a tad bit too girly for me...

Clashing prints is trendy but I am not a fan of the top print. 

I do like this look, however, the colours and details are nice.

Not a fan of this simple dress and floral print, but then flowers are not my thing.

I do like the details on this one, seems Karl Lagerfeld has put the Chanel twist on the trend of adding embellishments to clothing. 

Front Row
I can't not mention the 'Frow' in this post. How fab does Jennifer Lopez look. Kanye West was there too.

Overall the Chanel S/S 13 show was not my favourite of the shows but it was not bad. I would love to know what you all thought, please do leave your comments below. 


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Meera Sharma


  1. Hi sweetie! Just followed ur lovely blog. Hope you can follow back :)


  2. Chanel is actually one of my favorites next to D&G. They bring out the best in fashion and they are pretty much the definition of fashion. I love the whole idea of it, and this fashion show is just plain wonderful. Thanks for that! Also I've discovered these amazing adult footed pajamas that really are just super comfortable.

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies, will check out your blogs too! xx

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