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Over the summer, June to be precise I ended up going New York City again, namely to attend Governer's Ball. It's September now so why am I only blogging about my trip now? Well I got busy over the summer, revamped this blog and only have got around to blogging my trip - better late than never right?!

My latest travel saw me spend a long weekend in New York, literally got there Friday and was back in London by Tuesday morning. As I had already been to New York before and pretty much seen the whole city I thought it would be cool to go to one of the cities nearby. It was either between Washington or Philadelphia and since I only had a day to do so I thought Philly would be the best bet. So yeah this blog post is how to see Philadelphia in a day!

I highly recommend Gray Line tours who do a number of tours from NY, all you have to do is arrive at the checkpoint, bright and early (7am - it's really not that bad) and then sit on a bus and follow a tour guide. It's the easiest tour ever! The tour was jam packed and allowed me to see the main attractions in Philly which included The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall/Constitution Square as well as stopping by Amish Country! Yep we went to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to see how Amish live as well as travelling around the Amish countryside on a horse drawn carriage. Did I mention I was back in New York City by 7pm!

Great thing about the tour is who get a tour guide who explains everything - I learned so much about the history of Philadelphia - and you get plenty of time to see all the main attractions. Check out some of my pictures from my trip below.

Outside Independence Hall! 

Yep, Liberty Bell! 

I love politics, especially American politics so sitting in congress, as they did back in the day was a highlight of my trip. Very educational too!

Next stop was the oldest street in America! It was so pretty. 

A statue of Rocky! 

Those that love Rocky will recognise this - it's the famous steps Rocky ran up. Don't you love my impression of Rocky ;) 

Amish Countryside

The second part of the day saw us get back on the coach and make our way to Pennsylvania to see real life Amish. I have always wanted to see how Amish live as I find it fascinating that in America there are parts of society that live life with just basics. So obviously this was the highlight of my whole weekend. 

We ended up in a place called Intercourse, the irony of this name....anywho whilst there we got to go on a horse drawn carriage driven by an Amish lady. It was like something out of the movies! Following this we stopped for lunch in a really nice Amish area - I have to say as someone who is vegetarian and gluten free I was able to have the best food I've had in a long time - they had such good choices, which was a surprise! 

A real life Amish person! This place was something else. 

The horse drawn carriage we rode in around the Amish countryside.

After we finished up in Pennsylvania it was back on the coach and back into New York city! All in all a very educational and interesting day, after all how many people can say they spent their Saturday riding around the Amish countryside in a horse drawn carriage. 

Have you ever visited Philly? If so leave your experience below!

Meera Sharma

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