BOY by Boy London

The iconic Boy London eagle logo has been making fashion waves in youth culture way before I was born and as someone who appreciates the streetwear brand I was obviously pumped to check out the LCM BOY by Boy London collection last week. 
From the moment packs of boys walked down the stairs in One Embankment, separating off into four groups in corners of the dimly lit venue, I knew it was going to be a striking static presentation. 

Looking at the room from afar it was like four well dressed squads were ready to have a square off - camo vs red-dipped hands vs futuristic vs monochrome, with the question floating around as to who would win? Well in my mind, at least that's what was going on. Reality though BOY By Boy London was presenting the audience with four very different but wide appealing collections, which to me reminded me oh so slightly of Yeezy season 3 (think presentation wise but without an album reveal). 

The four styles represented military, tech, leaders and ground force utilising a variety of fabrics and layered pieces - camouflage, monochrome, plastic mesh, neutral sandy tones represented.

Check out some pictures and videos I took whilst baring in mind this question - if you had to pick a squad who would you choose? Me, well I would go monochrome - quite happily have the whole collection sit in my wardrobe. Yep it's menswear that can translate well as womenswear, depending how you wear it of course.  


All about the shoes for me with this squad. 




Meera Sharma

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