Kylie Jenner for Paper Magazine

I love myself a bit of pop art and I do love a good editorial so when I saw the editorial in Paper Magazine, featuring Kylie Jenner I thought it was blog worthy.

Shot by the oh so fab Erik Madigan Heck (whose photography you HAVE to check out here) and styled by Rushka Bergman, the youngest member of the Jenner clan is pretty much transformed into a pop art 'esque' character.

Obviously the cover shot and editorial comes with an interview with Kylie, which you can read by buying the magazine or by clicking here to read snippets. In the meantime though scroll down to see just why this shoot is one worthy of your attention... *salutes Erik Madigan Heck*

Such a cool cover! 

Pop art influenced to its highest. 

The print of this coat is super cool and made to look even more cooler thanks to good editing.

I do love myself a good 'backshot' and this is brilliant! 

The bright colours and sheer fabrics make this look work so well. 

Anyone else think Kylie Jenner looks A LOT like Kim K in this shot? Defo not just me who thinks this.

Again love the styling and editing of this shot. 
Images via ftape. 

So what do you all think? Leave your comments below.

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Meera Sharma

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