Kim Kardashian West for Vogue Spain

It's the editorial that nearly got Kim K unwittingly involved in the Twitter spat of the month (unless you have been living under a rock you will know exactly what I am referring to) and boy is it a good editorial - I am going to go as far as to say it's Kim K's best editorial to date. Fact.

Shot with no direction by Theo Wenner, the August edition of Vogue Spain sees Kim K in a completely different light - a more natural one to be precise. 

The Beverly Hills Hotel works as the perfect setting for the shoot, which sees the reality star work a number of poses sans makeup. All I have to say is if I looked like that without any slap I would not waste my time putting on makeup in the morning.

Scroll down to see Kim Kardashian West show us what it means to be a natural beauty....

This has to be my favourite shot from the editorial - like I actually think you could get away with wearing this look out and about, I know it's PJs but still...

The shot that nearly got Kim K involved in the Nicki/Taylor twitter spat because she captioned it "Imma let you finish.." Still makes me laugh! 

I love the Beverly Hills Hotel so much, it's such an iconic place and this shot embodies everything about it - it's just perfect! 
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So what do you think of the editorial? Leave your comments below.


Meera Sharma

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