Kendall Jenner for Dazed & Confused

On one end of the Kardashian/ Jenner spectrum you have Kim Kardashian West showing us her nooks and crannies - I judge not as at the end of the day it's her body and her choice to do that cover, you know what cover I am on about - whilst on the other end sister Kendall is making waves in the fashion industry and boy are those waves getting bigger and better by the day. Quite an extreme spectrum when you think about it, really.

Since I set my eyes on Kendall Jenner's Dazed & Confused Winter issue covers I have been in awe. The reality star turned model is seen on not one but three covers and she looks completely different in them all. If you thought the covers were good wait until you set your eyes on the editorial inside the magazine, which shows Jenner's versatility as a model and just why Marc Jacobs was right to put her on his runway.

Photographed by Ben Toms and styled by Robbie Spencer this is one editorial that is certain to shut up all those who ever doubted Kendall has got what it takes to make it in the big old world of high fashion. I am not afraid to admit I, like most, was a bit skeptical when I first heard Kendall was trying to make it as a model and you know what she's proved me wrong - good on her! Kendall certainly does have it what it takes, scroll down and see why....

High contender to becoming one of my favourite covers of the year. 

Favourite shot out of the bunch. The simplicity of the shot and her eye reaction is just brilliant

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So what do you think of the shoot? Leave your comments below?


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Meera Sharma