When I Walk In Your Shoes....

On Thursday evening I went along with a friend (lucky for me she had a plus one) to check out the 'When I Walk In Your Shoes' exhibition at the Westbank Gallery in Notting Hill.

Curated by Amy Winehouse's tattoo artist and friend, Henry Hate, the exhibition features a variety of artworks by current artists all celebrating Winehouse. Named after the first verse in Amy Winehouse's 'Help Yourself' the exhibition reflects Winehouse's unique style and sound.

The exhibition is on until the 1st October so I highly recommend you check it out, especially if like me you love art, music and of course Amy Winehouse. It was certainly really cool to see how various artists interpreted Amy Winehouse through their art. Scroll down to see some of my favourite paintings in the gallery (photos of course do no justice to the artwork so do get yourself down to the Westbank Gallery and have look)

Amy in Wonderland was certainly my favourite artwork out of them all - the three paintings can be interpreted however you want... 

Images - All My Own

Have any of you checked out the exhibition? If so leave your comments below...if not go check it out stat! For more details on the exhibition click here.


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Meera Sharma

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