Summer Shoe Lovin'

With summer in full swing there is no better time then to show of those freshly pedicured feet (note the word pedicure - important word here ladies) and I cannot think of a better way to do this then in a pair of gladiator sandals.

With so many styles of gladiator sandals on offer it can be quite difficult to find that perfect pair, however do not fret because I recently had a look at House of Fraser 's summer range and their choice of gladiator sandals didn't half catch my eye!

Things just get better in the world of my shoe wardrobe because last week I received my chosen gladitor sandal i.e. the beauty that is the below creation by the amaze Steve Madden - which you totes know you want to add to your shoe collection - don't deny, just buy....

Image - my own

AND I've gone and done one better and decided to show you how to work these bad boys just in case you are not sure how to work them - how good I am ;)

gladiator sandals

For a slightly smarter look (this look is tried and tested people by yours truly), I would wear a pair of bright coloured ASOS shorts and a white shirt (you can also pair them with a sweater if you fancy). However if you fancy a more casual vibe pair them with dungarees (with one brace on your shoulder,  leave the other one hanging off and loose) and a branded tee. The best way to finish of either of these looks is to opt for a chunky watch (the particular watch is Michael Kors via House of Fraser), big hoops and plenty of knuckle rings - bam ready to go. 

So what do you think of Gladiator Sandals? How would you wear yours? Leave your comments below.

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Meera Sharma


  1. Love these sandals! Kisses

  2. thank you for the style collage. these look really comfortable as well as being a fashion statement.