Backpack Crew

The day I started to use a backpack was the day my collection of handbags started to gather dust on them; sad but true that my dust bags for my handbags have sure come in handy. 

I don't go anywhere without my trusty backpack - it's so much easier than carrying a big handbag around! You just throw it on your back and your ready to go, no need to carry anything on your arms - good right? 

Seriously don't have a clue how I got through life before without one, leading me on to the fact that if you don't have one in your wardrobe you need to get one stat. Oh but wait do I hear you say your not sure where to begin? Don't stress because I've picked out my top 5 backpacks on the market at the moment....go on scroll down and get ready to join the #BackpackCrew

If you haven't heard of this site before I highly recommend you check it out - not only do they have a great selection of stylish backpacks but they sell everything from swimwear to dresses (perfect for those of you looking to stock up on your holiday wardrobe). 

If you are after a cute and medium size backpack then you need to check out their range of Foldover Buckled Backpack's which come in a variety of summery colours including lilac, white and mint. Mint one is mint...


It's a light up backpack and it's see through - what else do you want? 
Some may argue that a drawstring bag is not technically a backpack but I say it is and if you are going to work a drawstring backpack can't think of any other one to work then this one from ASOS...

If you like to make a statement then JumpFromPaper's backpacks are for you - once you stop staring at it you will see that it is indeed a bag not just an optical illusion....yeah I was confused for a while too


Pink neoprene...yep River Island have given us their trendy take on the original backpack...


So what do you all think? Any backpacks that stand out or any I have missed out? Leave your comments below?

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Meera Sharma


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