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If there is something I love to do it is come across new websites; be it a blog or a online store; that being said I recently stumbled across the apparel store Choies and thought I had to share it with my lovely readers - remember sharing is caring people ;)

I love to find pieces that you cannot get on the high street; you know, things that everyone else will be wearing - who wants to do that? Not sure about you guys but I for one love to wear a quirky print now and then so naturally when I ended up on the Choies website I was in my zone; there are some right cool pieces. I thought I would pick out my top ten fun pieces on the site, can't say I am not good to you, but wait for it, it gets better because all the pieces I chose are under £25...someone say bargain? Bam.

People love to eat hotdogs, why not wear them too?

It's bugs bunny, what more do I need to say? 

Can never have enough oversized blouses; work with a pair of converse for a casual look 

Can Print Shirt - £15.11
By now you must have gathered I love a good shirt, I would say pair this with a leather skirt and a pair of trainers - booya

Right, I know it's not a quirky piece of clothing but I had to throw this swimsuit in especially with summer hols around the corner. Why not throw on a pair of denim shorts and a sheer blouse and you are ready to work that beach

So you may have gathered I also love a good sweatshirt. 

Chanel your inner Ciara or Miley with this - score. 

Warning not for the faint hearted... ;)

It's summer you need a pair of shades, I say work these bad boys. 

No outfit is complete without a quirky clutch. Wear all black and let this fun clutch do the talking

So what do you think of my picks? Leave your comments below.

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Meera Sharma

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