When I get a chance I do love to go to a good old fashion exhibition, if you ask me I think it's a good way to catch up with friends whilst absorbing a bit of fashion - what else do you want, right? And that is exactly what I did yesterday, I headed over to Harrods to check out Pradasphere

The last exhibition I saw in Harrods was So Dior which set the expectations quite high; I was expecting something along the lines of So Dior when I entered Pradasphere - a wide variety of clothing and some quirky little interactive bits - remember the scented phone booth...yep that delight.

Unfortunately Pradasphere didn't have a scented phone booth, could be why I was a tad bit disappointed with Pradasphere - that and the fact there where not many vintage pieces on display as I was expecting. The looks on offer were more newer pieces and quite frankly I could just go to the Prada store if I wanted to see new pieces. That being said I still do recommend you take a visit to the exhibition, which is in Harrods throughout May.

Rather than me babble on about all the Prada pieces I saw I recommend you scroll down to see the pictures I took instead. Nothing like visual over babble, right.

Images - All my own, taken on my Nokia Lumia

Have you seen the exhibition? If so what did you think? Leave your comments below.


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Meera Sharma

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