Ashish for Topshop...

Last week Ashish revealed his tenth collection for Topshop and it was only a matter of time before I got round to blogging about the collection - I love myself a good bit of Ashish sparkle in my life. Although the collection isn't sparkle galore the collection still keeps to his fun London design aesthetic, and his lookbook is equally as fun too (just scroll your mouse down to see what I mean).

Set to brace Topshop stores on May 29th the collection is perfect for those of you looking to top up your holiday wardrobes or just your wardrobe in general, and who isn't up for doing that? 

Who doesn't want that on a tee...

Ashish makes net look cool. 

A light up backpack AND trainers, erm yes please. 

Use your imagination...

£350 for light up trainers - did I say they have LED lights in them

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So what do you all think of the collaboration? Will you be running to Topshop on the 29th to get your hands on it? Leave your comments below. 


Meera Sharma

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