Solange x Puma

Trainers are all the rage at the moment, and although I am not a fan of following trends (I think you should dress how you feel, not how people tell you too) at the end of the day trends dictate what we can and cannot buy in the shops. Trainers being trendy means more options available in the get the drift.  

There are a variety of collaborations doing the rounds between designers and sports brands (think Riccardo Tisci for Nike) and as someone who would rather work a pair of trainers over a pair of heels I am certainly loving the collaborations that keep coming our way. And one collaboration that made me fall of my chair in excitement was Solange x Puma

Solange is too cool for school and certainly is the perfect person to look to for how to work a pair of trainers so naturally when Solange was announced as the Art Director and Creative Consultant for Puma, last year, we just knew the results would be amazing.

Well the time has come and the Brazil-inspired versions of the Puma collection, titled Girls of Blaze (even the name is cool) is ready for us all to see and drool over. The collection is pretty damn fine, and I can so see Solange working these trainers, which certainly ooze the stars effortlessly cool and fun style. 

Scroll down to see my favourite shots from very cool lookbook, which shot by Alan Ferguson shows of Solange's art direction and creative concept skills  - is there anything she can't do...just like Beyonce. 

Now the only question is which pair out of the four designs should we go for....all of them I hear you say...go on then. 

Now this is how you work a pair of trainers! 

Images - My Damn Blog

So what do you all think of Solange x right? Leave your comments below. 

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