Louis Vuitton Goes 'Street'

If there is something I love it's Louis Vuitton and I don't half love a vibrant print so when I saw that the two had been combined I had to share.

Street Art meets high-end fashion is how you could sum up this new collaboration that sees Louis Vuitton recruit Brooklyn graffiti artists which results in an explosive collection of scarves for their third collection for S/S '14, and it is right up my street. It also meant I could put the word 'street' in a blog title...score.

Artists Kenny Scharf, INTI and Andre Saraiva, along with Stephen Sprouse, are the artists behind the brilliant collection, which is set to hit stores come March. Go ahead and scroll down to see the brillaint campaign...

How lush is this print by Kenny Scharf - very lush indeed

I'm normally not that big on leopard print but I cannot get enough of Stephen Sprouse's take on the animal print

Treated to another animal delight from Stephen Sprouse

Images - fTape

So what do you all think of the new Louis Vuitton campaign? Leave your comments below


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Meera Sharma


  1. great ecclectic mix and thank you for the design inspo! ;)


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