Chanel Cruise 2014 campaign

Regular readers of my blog will know if there is something I love to blog about, it is a good fashion campaign so naturally I have to blog the Chanel Cruise 2014 campaign. 

You may remember back in May the Chanel cruise collection was revealed to the world in Singapore. (Of course you remember, who wouldn't?) Well now us fashion lovers get to see the black and white campaign which is shot by non other than the man himself Karl Lagerfeld. The campaign shows that Lagerfeld can not only design but once again he is pretty damn good when it comes to working a camera. 

The Campaign
The campaign brings an edgy vibe to the cricket inspired knitwear and monochrome menswear inspired Chanel pieces which look amazing on models Ashleigh Good, Dalianah Arekion and Nadja Bender.  Enough of me babbling on check out the campaign for yourself below.

Certainly my favourite shot from the campaign. I love a good shirt. On another note anyone else want to go grab some cricket knee pads and work them as boots...only me then?

So what do you all think of the campaign? Which is your favourite shot? Leave your comments below.
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Meera Sharma


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