Rihanna for River Island - My Picks

Rihanna recently unveiled her second collection for River Island and being a fan of Rihanna's style I had to check it out to see what she had to offer us, the second time round. 

Campaign Shots
See some of the campaign shots below, there are more but I have just picked out a few. 

The first collection (click here to refresh your memory) had some alright staple pieces in it and looking at the singers second offering I can say that I preferred her first collection. Maybe it's because I am not a fan of camouflage and stripes, or perhaps it's because I quite frankly would not want to wear clothing that says 'G4 Life' and 'RiRi' on it. I like Rihanna but it doesn't mean I want to wear clothing with her name all over it. 

My Picks
Alas all is not lost as there are some alright pieces in the collection, whether I would buy them or not is another question, mind. Scroll down to see my picks from Rihanna for River Island, take two...
With winter approaching a leather jacket is a great way to keep warm. This one is £200. 

I like denim jackets, I quite like this one - £80.  

Rihanna gives her take on the baseball trend - £40. 

A leather mesh jumper; worn in the right way and depending on the quality of the leather this might look alright - £80.

You've worked hard to get your summer body in order, might as well show it off in a more edgy way, with this leather bra top - £70

I do like a pair of leather baggy shorts and we have all seen Rihanna work them so it is nice to see some in the collection but it would have been better if she had opted for plain leather rather than this 'airtex' style...perhaps they will look better in store? £120 

Black Mesh Dress - £50

A simple pair of jeans? I preferred the jean design in her first River Island collection, bit more 
'ground breaking'...£50   

Rihanna is loving leather for this collection isn't she. I think Rihanna should have designed a pair of fitted leather trousers, rather than this style as it can be quite unflattering - £150

A simple black maxi skirt, bravo Rihanna, bravo - £40. 
These shoes are quite similar to the ones in her first collection, I quite like them - £120.

Images - Vogue and Telegraph

So what do you all think of Rihanna's second offering for River Island? Do you like it? Or like me do you think she could have put a bit more effort into the design, or am I being harsh? Leave your comments below.


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