Karlie Kloss Get's Lucky

I do love myself a bit of Daft Punk (but then who doesn't...) so naturally when I saw the US Vogue shoot featuring Karlie Kloss I couldn't contain my excitement for two reasons; firstly I get to blog about Daft Punk and secondly I can be a cheese ball and use 'Get Lucky' in a blog title. 

If you remember a while back, June to be precise, Karlie Kloss was spotted striking a pose with Daft Punk on the streets of New York leading to rumours doing the rounds that the model was all set to make her music video debut. Well turns out the model was actually shooting a spread for the August issue of US Vogue magazine.

All-Ages Show - US Vogue, August 2013
The fashion forward spread features Karlie Kloss striking a variety of poses alongside Daft Punk who look sleek and crisp. Rather than me babble on too much about how good this shoot is, why not just scroll down to check some of the shots out yourselves. 

Got to love this shot, cause if you got hold of one of the duo's helmets you would totally use it as a mirror...

US Vogue August 2013
Photographer: Craig McDean
Model/Celebs: Karlie Kloss & Daft Punk
Styling: Tabitha Simmons
Hair: Malcolm Edwards
Makeup: Mark Carrasquillo

Favourite Karlie Kloss Shots
As always when I do a post like this I like to choose out my favourite all time shots, so below check out some of my favourite shoots featuring Karlie Kloss. 

i-D magazine, April 2013

Vogue Korea, Dec 2009

Numero, Issue 112

W Magazine, April 2012

Muse Magazine, Spring 2013 

Since this post did feature Daft Punk I might as well put a link to my favourite Daft Punk song which is One More Time. Come on who doesn't love this one! Click here to re-live just why this tune is so good.

So what do you all think of the shoot for US Vogue? And what is your favourite editorial featuring Karlie Kloss and your favourite Daft Punk tune? Leave your comments below.

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