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I cannot get enough of Phlo Finister at the moment, from her style to her delicate vocals, the California based singer is certainly someone you all need to check out.  

The stylist-turned-singer (Finister started of as a stylist for Def Jam, cool right) came to light over a year ago when she released a video of her cover of Nancy Sinatra's Bang Bang over Mobb Deep's Shook Ones (Part II), which you can watch here. The video has a cool mod vibe to it and I quite like her take on the two classics. 

Finister's upcoming EP, Poster Girl, is set to release on 29th July and features Coca Cola Classic and Hotel Miami, but for me it is the track Last Winter that stands out - I cannot get enough of this one. Rather than me babbling on about why I like it, I highly recommend you listen to it on soundcloud here and see for yourself...or should I say hear for yourself. 

Phlo Finister's style is something I cannot get enough at the moment either (her pictures get re-blogged quite often on my Tumblr). 

Even though she is from California she has this cool sort of East London vibe to her, which matches her music perfectly. Check out some of my favourite shots of her below to see what I mean.

Hearty Magazine, March 2012

Vice Magazine, April 2013

Vice Magazine, April 2013

Vice Magazine, April 2013

So Stylista's what do you think of Phlo Finister - cool right? Leave your comments below. 


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