Lazy Oaf for Nasty Gal

There are two brands I love; Nasty Gal and Lazy Oaf so naturally when I heard that the two were set to collaborate with each other I could not wait to see the results. 

I am sure you are all familiar with Nasty Gal but if you are not this is one online destination you all need to check out. Founded in 2006 by Sophia Amoruso, based in the States (West Coast), the clothing is perfect for those fashion forward, free spirited girls.  

Lazy Oafon the other handis closer to home and is a London based fashion label founded by Gemma Shiel in 2001, straight out of University. The label is known for its colourful, pop graphic like prints. 

The Collaboration 
Anyways enough of talking about the 'history' of the two brands and lets get down to the nitty gritty i.e. the amazing collaboration. 

The collection features a number of pieces ranging from dresses to crop tops and accessories - namely a very cool watermelon backpack. There are prints that range from floral prints (but cool floral not interior floral) as well as monochrome scribble print, which is most probably my favourite print out of the bunch. Scroll down to see some of my favourite pieces. 

I do like the Scribble print, and especially this bodysuit. If you don't feel like strutting your stuff around town just wearing only a bodysuit then I would recommend pairing it with some denim shorts and some converse for a chilled out summer look. 

I love the Watermelon print which can add some fun to your look. You can wear it like shown above or pair it with a black crop top for a more toned down take on it. 

Again the rainbow print skirt can add some fun to your wardrobe. Pair it with the matching crop top or a black crop top...the world is your oyster. 

I love rucksacks so naturally I am a fan of this watermelon print rucksack...speaks for itself really doesn't it.

Shop the rest of the collection by clicking here.  

The LookBook
Nasty Gal and Lazy Oaf always do very cool lookbooks so of course I had to see the joint effort by the two labels. Scroll down to see some of my favourite pics. 

Photo Credit - All images appearing on this post are from the Nasty Gal and Lazy Oaf websites.

So Stylista's what do you think of the collaboration? Leave your comments below.

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Meera Sharma

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