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I haven't done a music related blog post for a while and with so many good singles set to release/out at the moment I thought now would be a good time to do so.

Music Video's.
Check out some music videos that have released in the past month that I quite like. As always click the name of the singles link to go to the actual music video. 

Iggy Azalea - Bounce
I do like Iggy Azalea and her second single Bounce is one that you know is going to be a club hit. 
I for one love Bounce and when I saw the music video I was proper surprised. No way would I have pictured a Bollywood vibe to this song but you know what it works. Iggy's stylist Alejandra Hernandez has done a great job on making it rival actual Bollywood dance routines you see in movies. You know what I actually think the styling and vibe for Bounce is much better than some of the styling in the latest Bollywood movies. Makes a complete change from Work and how good does Iggy look! 

Selena Gomez - Come & Get It. 
Another single I like is Selena Gomez's Come & Get It. Selena Gomez looks stunning in the music video which like Bounce has a bit of a Bollywood vibe to it but not as obvious. I love the styling of the video and especially some of those jewellery pieces Selena is seen wearing. Is it only me or does anyone else think the video for Come and Get It reminds them a tad bit of Rihanna's Where Have You Been, but a more toned down version?! It's the water and some of the dance's just me isn't it! ;) 

David Guetta - Play Hard ft Ne-Yo, Akon.
This track samples Alice Deejay's Better off Alone, which I do like and you know what else I like - how it sounds in Play Hard. The music video for Play Hard is even better than the single, it's so random; a old lady in a gold mask, cowboys, poodles what more do you want?! I do like random so naturally I like this!

Dizzee Rascal and Robbie Williams - you just know it's going to be good and it's another single and video I like. Again it's a random video but I like that. It did make me laugh when I saw it - in a good way.

Solange - Locked in Closets
Solange recently released a mini music video to go with her 2012 single Locked in Closets that featured on True (EP). I do like Solange - her music has a refreshing vibe to it and is like effortlessly cool just like her. I love this simple yet effective music video; stays true to her style. 

My Summer Playlist. 
Check out 5 singles that I love at the moment and if you ask me are perfect for a chilled out summer. I could so have picked out loads but have decided to focus it on 5 otherwise I will be here forever! If you do want to see other tracks that I like check out This Is My Jam (if you are not familiar with it I suggest you check this site out). I post current singles as well as old school ones on here that I like to listen to!

Hot Natured - Reverse Skydiving ft Anabel Englund.
If you are not familiar with Hot Natured I suggest you familiar yourself with them. Made up of Lee Foss, Jamie Jones, Luca C and Ali Love, all who have been acclaimed producers, DJ's and musicians, their music has a dance/ house vibe to it. Reverse Skydiving is the perfect summer jam and is out now so make sure you check it out.

Indiana - Smoking Gun.
If you like The xx you will like Indiana. Signed to Sony, this Midlands born singer caught my eye when I heard her single Bound a while back on BBC introducing and totally loved it. Smoking Gun is equally as good and is something else you all need to check out.

Gorgon City - Intentions ft. Clean Bandit. 
This is another chilled out tune I am loving at the moment, again perfect for the summer. I do like Gorgon City and this time for Intentions they have teamed up with Clean Bandit - remember Mozart's House.  I also love Gorgon City's Real ft Yasmin, if you haven't heard this one make sure you check it out - it's soo good!

Jessie Ware - Imagine It Was Us. 
Needs no introduction it's a tune!

Sub Focus - Endorphins ft. Alex Clare 
I actually cannot get enough of this at the moment and you know what it can so be a summer jam so I have to put it on here!

So what did you all think of my Top 5 singles? Any I missed out? Leave your comments below.

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