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Those of you that like to change your hair colour will love the brand Colour Xtreme. I recently came across the brand when I attended the Motel Rocks press event and it is certainly a brand you all need to know about.

I for one used to love dying my hair when I was younger and I went through a variety of colours but as I got older I soon became fed up of having to top up my roots and the fact my hair was becoming lacklustre.

If any of you can relate to the above then you need to check out Colour Xtreme's Hair Art range. The range comes in a variety of eight fun colours including pink, purple, blue, red, green, orange and two glitter sprays that are so simple to apply. No trips to the salon needed or no waiting around for dye to set because all you need to do is spray on your chosen colour to your hair and voila you are done. The best thing is if you don't like the colour just wash it out and your hair is back to your original colour. This is great if you are attending a festival or party at the weekend and want to experiment with a fun hair colour but do not want to go to work on Monday morning with the vibrant colour - just wash it out!

I tried out the blue hair art out and got my hair dip dyed at the Motel Rocks event, check out the picture below.

The products are available in a number of stores including Boots, Urban Outfitters, Amazon and of course

The lovely team at Colour Xtreme not only sent me out some hair art products but also enclosed some temporary tattoos, nail varnish and nail arts, which can be seen above. If you like tattoos but do not want the commitment then why not try out their temporary tattoo range, which are simple to use and lasts up to 5 days.

I had to try out the nail colours, I do love painting my nails and I do love the orange and purple colour. Rather than painting all your nails the same colour I recommend thinking outside the box and mixing and matching the colours, like what I have done that can seen in the picture below.

So Stylista's have any of you tried out Colour Xtreme's range? Leave your comments below.

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