Rihanna for River Island

As we all know Rihanna launched her River Island collection last night in London town, and although the star made her LFW debut with the collection a few weeks ago I thought since the singer was in town again I had to give my thoughts on the collection. 

The launch
Rihanna opted to wear two separate looks from her collection yesterday night at the launch in the River Island store on Oxford Street and then for her after party. I didn't go, I just checked out the pictures online. Did anyone go? 

Rihanna opted for her simple long dress for her River Island store launch. 

I have to say she works her 'double' jean design nicely. This was her after party look. 

The Collection
I am quite the fan of Rihanna and I have been since she stepped onto the music scene back in 2005. She is someone whose style has evolved over the years for the best and I actually do like what the singer wears, most of the time (if you follow me on tumblr you would have gathered this as there are plenty of pictures of the singer). Let's face it Rihanna is someone who could wear a bin bag and still look good! 

Naturally when I heard that Rihanna was set to design a collection for River Island I was quite intrigued (ok..I was excited) to see what she would design. I know when it comes to celebrity fashion collaborations there are not really many that are amazing but I thought Rihanna would change this. Unfortunately she hasn't. 

There are some pieces that stand out but overall I wouldn't say the collection is anything special. The collection just features simple pieces that you can work into your everyday wardrobe. I suppose you could argue there is nothing wrong with that and you can see Rihanna working these pieces and they most probably will be a hit with girls. After all if the Kardashian Kollection can prove popular then this certainly will (I have to add that I do prefer Rihanna's collection from the Kardashian Kollection for DP). If I had to rate the collection I would give it a 5/10. After all I have a design background so maybe that's why I am being quite harsh! 

Check out some of my picks from the collection below. 

I quite like the shoes. This particular pair is £95. 

Cropped tee, £20

Varsity Jacket's are set to be the next big trend. This one is £120.

I love Dungarees and I personally would rather get a full pair but Riri thinks otherwise with this £30 top. 

Knot back knitted tee, £35

Overall dress, £70.

An oversized tee (see what I mean about simple staples), £20.

Stripe shirt, £45.

Thigh split maxi skirt, £40.
I personally would rather just tie a proper shirt around my waist but hey here is a design for those that can't be bothered doing this and have £50 to spare. I actually do like this style it reminds me of back in the day! 

I do like rucksacks and Riri takes this trend into consideration with her £60 backpack. 

So Stylista's what do you think of Rihanna for River Island? Yay or nay? Leave your comments below.

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Meera Sharma


  1. you've picked out almost all of the pieces I want! following your blog, would love it if you could check out mine and follow back if you like what you see?


  2. Thanks! sure will check it out, thanks for the link. xx