Marc Jacobs for Diet Coke

Marc Jacobs was recently named as the creative director of Diet Coke as part of the Sparkling Together for 30 Years campaign that is set to run throughout this year. If you are wondering why a fashion designer such as Marc Jacobs is working with a drinks company read on.  

As part of his creative director duties Marc Jacobs has created a limited edition collection of Diet Coke bottles and cans taking inspiration from the three decades that capture the rise of female empowerment. 

With inspiration like that and of course the fact that Marc Jacobs is behind it, and even though I am not a Diet Coke drinker (I don't really drink fizzy drinks - I am on that healthy living phase of my life) I still couldn't wait to check out the designs to see what the designer had created. 

Well the wait is over as the designer was in London yesterday (no I wasn't there - I wish) to launch the drink designs and unveil the campaign. 

The Bottle Designs
Anyone remember when Karl Lagerfeld designed some Diet Coke bottles a few years back? Well I can't help but compare the two designs and I certainly prefer Marc Jacobs bottles - they are more fun and creative. 

Check out some pictures of Marc Jacobs bottle designs below, as well as Karl Lagerfeld's. See which ones you prefer. 

Marc Jacobs designs.

Here is a picture of the second collection of Diet Coke bottles Karl Lagerfeld designed back in 2011. 

The Campaign
Check out the campaign below featuring Marc Jacobs himself and Latvian model Ginta Lapina. I think Ginta Lapina looks fab, and it keeps with the fun vibe that Coca Cola light is trying to portray. 

So Stylista's what do you think of the campaign? And which designs do you prefer? Karl Lagerfeld's or  Marc Jacobs? Leave your comments below. 


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