London Fashion Week - My picks.

London fashion week came to an end yesterday so I thought it would only be right to do an overall post picking out my favourite shows from the five day fashion bonanza. 

Style Lounge
I know I said I would post about the exhibition's I was going to see and even though I did check them out on Monday, there wasn't really anything that caught my eye and I was not able to take pictures, so I am not doing a post on that. 

I did however go to the Style Lounge, as I was invited by the lovely ladies at Fashion Monitor. The Style Lounge was located in the Mayfair so I headed down on Tuesday with fellow blogger Nina, to have a few hours of pampering. They had plenty of treatments on offer, such as massages, hair styling as well as manicures and pedicures. I decided to get a manicure done by the lovely team at Leighton Denny, who had come down from Harrods. I have to say the nail varnish is really good, I have used it in the past and it is really good quality. I highly recommend you check the brand out if you haven't already and get a manicure done by them, it is well worth it.  

Check out a few pictures I took whilst in the Style Lounge. 

London Fashion Week - My top shows
Right, now let's get down to picking out my favourite shows at LFW, that I checked out online. This season there where not as many shows that caught my eye; some shows I liked a few pieces stood out to me rather than the overall collection.

Meadham Kirchhoff
This show was a surprise, normally when I think of MK I automatically think of fun, bright, quirky clothing and when I saw this it was the complete opposite which was brilliant. I love to be surprised so it was great to see them move away from the vibe that they have kept up for the last few seasons. 

This was a dark collection with plenty of monochrome, and the odd cream looks. I also loved the choice of fabrics. I love colour but for the past year I have only tended to wear dark colours, with a bit of  white (and the odd quirky print) so this collection was right up my street. I think black and white are colours that you can work in so many different ways so the pieces can stay classic. 

Check out my favourite pieces from the collection below. 

Moschino Cheap and Chic
If there is something I love, which by the end of reading this post I am sure you would have all gathered, it is quirky prints. This collection was all about the prints with a rocker vibe to it, perfect for Barbie if she went through a punk phase. 

I don't wear mohair but I did love the mohair pieces, and of course the fact there was a lot of pink pieces, oh yeah and let's not forget those lush shoes! Scroll down to see my favourite picks from the collection. 

Fashion East
I was super excited to check the Fashion East collections out online; I loved the designer's graduate collection's so I was super pleased to see how they have developed since that! I have chosen out my favourite pieces from Claire Barrow, Ryan Lo and Happy Ashley. Again there was plenty of quirky prints and cute accessories! How lush are those teddy bear bags!! 

House of Holland
Again another collection that was full of fun prints and quirky pill embellishments. It was like fashion with a message and what is not to love about this collection. I think the pieces can be really versatile and you can work them with a number of pieces in your wardrobe. 

I cannot include a post about LFW and not include Burberry. It was another great collection that managed to once again reinvent the trench coat, which had quite a hard and sexy vibe to it by the choice of fabrics. The addition of animal pieces made the collection a bit different and showed that once again animal prints are going strong. I also did like the menswear pieces too. Check out my picks from the collection. 

I am quite the fan of Ashish, every season I always check out his collection online and although this was not my favourite of his collection's, it did have some stand out pieces. This time round it was like Ashish was giving a message to the quirky, party girl who I think his collection appeals to, that they need to get a job and when they do it's in construction. I do admire the fact he tried to make the construction vest sexy but I just don't think you can. Minus those pieces the rest of the collection is quite fun and still has that work vibe to it. My standout pieces where certainly the "I am having a shit day thanks" top and the sequinned trousers with the horse jumper which is quite ironic with the horse meat scandal...bad reference I know ;)

This is by no means my favourite look, in fact it is my least favourite but I have included it so you can see what I mean about trying to make construction vest's sexy! 

So Stylista's what did you all think of the shows? Which where your favourite picks? Leave your comments below!
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