Mary Kate and Ashley collaborate with Damien Hirst

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, aka the Olsen twins, have teamed up with artist Damien Hirst to design a range of luxury backpacks for their label, The Row. 

The twins are known for their expensive bag designs with their last alligator skin backpack selling for $39,000. The latest collaboration, which sees their famous Nile crocodile rucksack throughout, with a Hirst makeover, is set to put you pack by $55,000. 

This one-off range is part of a series of artistic partnerships spearheaded by the online fashion retailer Just One Eye. Each bag features pill and spot motifs as well as being signed by Hirst. 

Check out pictures of the bags below. 

Out of the spot motif designs the above is my favourite.
I do like the pill design, above, reminds me of a print design I did a while ago.

So Stylista's what do you think of the designs? Would you purchase them? Leave your comments below. 


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Meera Sharma


  1. those polka dots bags look sweet, and i love the twins. but i think i would invest my money in something else instead!

  2. Totally agree with you Kamila! xx