Motel Rocks Christmas Party

Motel Rocks threw an exclusive Christmas party for a selection of beauty and fashion bloggers in Floripa, London last night and I was invited to the event in Old Street to join in on the Christmas fun.

Bloggers could have a sneak preview at the new collection from Motel Rocks, which I have to say was fab. The first 50 bloggers to enter the venue received a free item of clothing from Motel Rocks and luckily enough I was number 50 so received a free item of clothing (I shall blog about it as soon as it arrives)!

There was so much on offer at the event, including a chance to get your makeup done by My Face Cosmetics, which is something I tried. As I had already done my makeup, I tried the glitter eyeshadow which added a shimmer of glitter on my eyelids, which was lovely.

Eylure where at the event adorning bloggers with fake eyelashes. As someone who has never worn fake eyelashes I decided to give it a go and it was great to try and I certainly recommend them. I tried the Girls Aloud range (Nadine's ones), which are great for those of you with longer eyelashes. It adds some va va voom to your eyes!

Hair guru, Lee Stafford was at the event, himself styling up bloggers hair with some member of his team assisting him. I got my hair styled in soft curls by someone who has worked on the likes of Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Lilly Cole (to name a few of the models this particular hairdresser has worked with) so I was quite excited to leave my hair in his capable hands. It was also quite interesting to hear about which supermodel has the best hair!

The night also saw a DJ who was playing a selection of old school tracks, that took me back in time. I have recently learnt how to DJ so it was really cool to see another female DJ taking to the decks at the event and playing tunes. I would love to DJ at a fashion event, it would be so much fun!

A photo booth was also at the event but I didn't get a chance to try this out as I was kept busy with the other things on offer. 

Overall it was a fun night and I got to meet some lovely bloggers such as Annie , as well as two lovely bloggers I had met at a previous event - Tolu and Desriee. I certainly recommend you check out their lovely blogs by clicking on their names.

I also got to take home a Christmas present which was full of beauty products!! Can't get any better really can it ;)

So Stylista's were any of you at the event? Would love to hear from you if you where. Leave your comments below!


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All photography taken by Meera Sharma. 

Meera Sharma

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