Hyper Japan 2012

I have had a busy week, which included getting treated as a VVIP (their words not mind) by Nokia at a secret gig with DeadMau5 (I have to say this event was amazing), having a DJ session in the Roundhouse (it only occurred to me today just how amazing it is to have the opportunity to practice in this legendary place), and getting some of my print designs digitally printed onto fabric, hence why this post has been slightly delayed. 

I was invited to attend the Hyper Japan event which took place in Earls Court, London last weekend. This was the first time I had attended this event and it wasn't what I expected it to be. I thought it would be on a much larger scale but it was quite a small event which reminded me of a Christmas market but with Japanese goodies. 

As always I had my trusty Nokia on hand so took plenty of pictures. The event featured plenty of food, games, quirky jewellery and loads of fashionista's. I got to try the new game's controller from Nintendo Wii, see above. 

 I love quirky jewellery pieces and came across plenty! 

I love Care Bears! These necklaces by Two Bad Bananas are adorable! 

I loved these Iphone cases above, unfortunately I cannot have one like this as I have a Nokia Lumia (it would cover the camera lens) but if I could I would so get a Barbie one!!

So what do we think Stylista's? Did any of you go to the event? Leave your comments below.


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Meera Sharma

1 comment:

  1. I love the phone covers especially the Chanel and Barbie ones and the sparkle lips keyrings.
    Have a great Christmas
    x Julie x