Music and Fashion: it all comes from the same place of creativity.

I love fashion, as you can tell from my blogs name and the posts, but there are other things, non fashion related, that I equally love and one of them is music. Music plays an important part of my life, be it playing in the background whilst I am at home browsing the internet, sitting on the underground with my headphones in or waiting in traffic listening to my favourite tracks.

In the past three months, (many of you, who do not follow me on twitter, may not know that I do freelance work for various companies) and have interviewed a selection of music artists and covered a variety of events, as well as just meeting some of my favourite artists. I have also recently learnt how to DJ, which is something I have wanted to do for a long time, so yeah as you can gather music is a passion of mine.

As we all know music and fashion go hand in hand, as Karl Lagerfeld once said“Fashion and music are the same, because music express its period to," (or as my post title says, a fab quote by Gwen Stefani) so I have decided that once a month, at least, I will be picking out music videos that have caught my eye, both for the sound as well of course the styling and fashion. This is going to be the first of hopefully many fashion and music based posts so I hope you all enjoy! 

This weeks picks. 

Click on the title name for links to the songs. 

Solenge Knowles - Losing You
Beyonce's little sister, Solenge, is back after a four year break from the music industry with this catchy and chilled out tune - Losing You. The song has a chilled out vibe and I can so see myself listening to it as I go for a long drive. I also love the vibe of the video, which matches perfectly to the vibe of the song. Solenge styling in the video is pretty fab too. It is set to release early next year so keep an eye out stylista's. Below are some stills from the video.

Rebecca Ferguson - Backtrack

Rebecca Ferguson is one artist whose vocal talent caught my eye, when she appeared on the X factor in  2010. I became quite the fan of her and it was not just because she was a fellow scouser ;) I love her voice and was not disappointed when I heard her song Backtrack, well she recently revealed her music video to go with the single. Check out some two of the stills below. What do we think? It fits her sound right?

Backtrack will be available from October 14th 2012, so not long to wait!

Christina Aguilera - Your Body

Christina Aguilera is back and has recently released the video to go with the song Your Body. I for one like this video, I know not everyone does, but I think the styling is fun and Christina carries off the pastel coloured hairstyles oh so well. The video also shows a pink explosion and quirky jewellery (something I love) cant get any better really can we, oh yeah and the song is pretty cool too!

Azealia Banks - Luxury

Another video clip and song that I love is from Azealia Banks. The black and white NYC backdrop is perfect for this chilled song. Azealia who has dropped the tag rapper to be defined as a vocalist proves why with this song as her vocal talent is brilliant. Check out some of the clips below.

Azealia Banks debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste, is set to release in February 2013.

Videos I am waiting for.....

There have also been some songs that I have heard recently that are just brilliant and I for one am certainly eagerly awaiting for the video's to be released. 

Click on the title of the song for links to the fab songs. 

Rihanna's Diamonds 

This is certainly set to be another hit from Ri Ri. I love a bit of Rihanna, you have to admit she always has catchy songs and is a good artist, well that is my opinion. I heard Diamonds recently and I love it! This is certainly one video I cant wait for.

The Wanted 's I Found You

I love The Wanted and have always been a fan of their music, yep I am talking about their music here ladies. I also met the group back in July (I have the picture to prove it) when I was covering the Olympic Hyde Park Torch Relay Finale, not only are they super nice but they are amazing performers. They sang live and not only sang their own songs but sang Coldplay tracks (I love Coldplay!). I was thus super excited to hear their latest track I Found You, which is brilliant. The sound is completely different and shows their versatility, lets hope the video doesn't disappoint! 

Little Mix DNA 

I have become quite the fan of Little Mix. I loved Wings and was pleasantly surprised when I heard DNA. Will be interesting to see what the video will be like.

So Stylista's what did you think of my music based post? Any videos you feel I should have mentioned and what do you think of the videos above? Leave your comments below, love to hear what you all think! Also don't forget to enter my Fred Butler competition giveaway!


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Meera Sharma


  1. I like Xtina, she brings back so many childhood memoires. I do love her style in this music video, makes me wish my hair was a lighter white color and to add pastel colors in my hair. I've died my hair lilac before, but that didn't last long.I don't really know the other artist you mentioned yet, but I love finding new great music!

    You are right about how much music and fashion go hand in hand.

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment! I love the pastel colours in her hair too! xx