The Creative Collective Showcase 2012

I was recently invited to attend the Creative Collective Showcase, organised by Fresh Tees, on Sunday. Taking place in The Light Bar in Shoreditch High Street the Creative Collective showcased brands such as Snob Mob, House of Hoxshore, Dat Tag clothing, and Kandi Clothing to name a few. The aim of the showcase is to bring to the forefront fashion from a generation of designers who do not necessarily aspire to become mainstream designers but have the talent to create stylish clothing.

These sort of events are perfect for stylists and fashion lovers in general who are looking for something different yet stylish at the same time, and I have to say I was pleased with what the designers had to show.

Some of Kandi Clothing's t-shirts.  

Loved the quirky jewellery from Dat Tag, especially the big zip necklace. Totally unique! 

My favourite designs had to be from Snob Mob

House of Hoxshore design T-shirts and fun jewellery pieces. 

Overall The Creative Collective Showcase was a fab event organised by Fresh Tees. There was also live music and an after party, what more do you want!

What do you think of the designs Stylista's leave your comments below.


Meera Sharma

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