Hit or Miss - Hilary Duff

I have a had a mad busy week, from covering a variety of events from the BBC AN's London Mela to the Pure Fashion Event taking place in London hence the lack of blog posts!

This weeks post will have to be a small one, in the form of a Hit or Miss, as I have another event to dash of to and a stack of emails to get through.

Hillary Duff was recently spotted out and about shopping in Beverly Hills. The actress dressed up her otherwise casual look by pairing a bold coloured yellow blazer, heels and a Chanel handbag, with a casual tee and jeans. 

Strangely enough there is something about this outfit that makes it work. Ignore the mismatched colours, (bright yellow with grey and then green shoes....really?!) and Hillary surprisingly pulls the look off. It did get me thinking that by adding a blazer and a pair of heels you can bring a very casual and otherwise boring outfit to life! 

So this week Hillary Duff is a HIT! But what do you think Stylista's do you agree? Leave your comments below, would love to know what you all think about blazers! 


Meera Sharma

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