Dungaree Dreamer.....

Recently the item I really want to add to my wardrobe is a pair of dungarees. I love dungarees, they are comfortable and if worn with the right items are stylish. You can add your own twist to them depending on what you wear them with. 


Get inspired. Why not add your own twist to your dungarees by customising them by adding studs to them! 

How to wear dungarees....

The pair of dungarees featured below are from River Island and are only £30. 

Dungaree Diva
You can wear dungarees with a selection of items, either go for the casual look by pairing with a simple tee or you can be different and pair them with a fun printed shirt. I came across the gold chain shirt on ASOS for £295 but you can get a similar shirt from Primark, in black, for only £10!

If the sun is shining really bright and you want to add a bit of sparkle then why not opt for a fun cropped top like the jewelled one featured below. This was again found on ASOS.

Finish of the look by opting for some casual sneakers. Add some sparkle to your outfit by choosing some gold sneakers like shown above. This particular pair are from H&M and are only £24.99!

So Stylista's what do you think of dungarees, would love to know how you all wear them! Leave your comments below!

Meera Sharma

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