Creative Clothing 
Studs are so trendy at the moment and they are a great way to jazz up a simple piece of clothing. The thing I love about customisation is that it allows you to add your own personal twist to a piece of clothing making sure no-one else will have that same garment.

I particularly love denim at the moment and cannot wait to customise some of my denim jackets with studs. It is an easy process just find a simple denim jacket (Primark have a large variety of styles and with prices of under £12 its a great place to start), get a pack of studs ( Love Craft ) and get customising!

Below I have a selection of imagery to get you inspired. You dont have to just constrain yourself to denim pieces why not customise shoes or even your swimwear and stand out on your holiday!

Cannot wait to see your creations, feel free to leave comments below with links to your peices as I always love to see what other stylista's have created!

Meera Sharma

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  1. Some of these pieces are so fierce, love it! xx