Dying to dye.....

So summer is finally here which of course means time to add to our summer wardrobes. My latest obsession is dip dyeing. I know dip dyed hair has been in fashion for a long time now and although I will be passing on this trend I am certainly going to incorporate it into my wardrobe. There are several ways to do this.

Dip Dye bottoms

Dip dyeing shorts and jeans can be a great way to add some colour to your wardrobe and this simple technique can be done at home. Find yourself an old pair of white denim jeans, or shorts and dip it into your chosen colour of dye (which can be purchased from any craft shop). You can then further customise your shorts by adding studs to various parts of the shorts.

The Shirt

One of my favourite pieces to have in my wardrobe is the shirt, you can wear it in a selection of ways and with a selection of pieces. I am certainly going to be dip dying some shirts this summer (keep an eye open for a post about this showing my progress later on). You can dip dye them in bright colours or more subtle shades like blue. You do not have to just dip dye the top half, like shown above, but can dip dye the bottom section, whatever you feel like!


If you don't want to incorporate the dip dye trend into your wardrobe then why not add a subtle hint to your outfit by painting your nails so they look like they have been dip dyed!

How to wear it? 

The best way to wear your dip dye shirt is to pair it with jeans or trousers, depending on how you are feeling you can go for white jeans or my personal favourite are the black wet look jeans, that you can get from Zara for only £35 (trust me they are great I have a pair!), a pair of leopard print flat shoes (which I got from New Look for £15!). Add some accessories, loads of vintage inspired rings (Forever 21 and New Look have some great styles in at the moment) and throw on a pair of Rayban's and you are ready for the summer! 

As for wearing the shorts, pair it with a neutral coloured chiffon shirt (either black or white)! 


Meera Sharma