Hit or Miss - Katie Holmes

The first Hit or Miss of the year is dedicated to Katie Holmes. I was hoping I would not see her crop onto this list this year, I thought maybe she would have made her 2012 resolution to dress well, like her daughter Suri, and stay of all the worst dressed lists. Unfortunately for Katie she has made a fashion faux.

Katie Holmes was spotted going the gym in Beverly Hills and I know its the gym so I should cut her some slack but really what was she thinking when she wore those boots! The rest of the outfit, really is not the problem as it is fine for gym wear but at least pair it with some trendy trainers or pumps. The boots look so odd and just make you wonder whether Katie has any mirrors in her house!

Next time I suggest Katie purchases some of the lovely Miu Miu shoes pictured below, (that I am determined to own by the end of the year) that will add some Hollywood bling to her gym kit.
Katie Holmes unfortunately this week you are a MISS!

Meera Sharma

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