Boxing Day Sales!!

I can't believe Christmas has already come and gone and it really doesn't feel like Christmas! Well as we all know with Christmas comes the awaited sales, yep thats right the boxing day sales! I used to be one of those crazy shoppers that would get up at the crack off dawn to drive down to Trafford Centre in order to be the first one in the shops. Looking back I did get a few bargains but it was only in Selfridges. As the years have gone on I have completely gone off getting up super early to go to the shops let alone going to the shops at all on Boxing day. The reason being is that it may have taken me years to realise this, but the majority of the time if the items are in the sales there usually is a reason - it isn't that great! Don't get me wrong sometimes you will get some great bargains, but thinking back most of the items of clothing and accessories I wanted where never in the sales.

Top Tips for Safe Shopping!
So my word of advice this boxing day is to think twice.
1) Do you really need that item of clothing that you never really thought about before. Is it really because you need it or is it because you see the word sale and all those people fighting for the item that you suddenly think you need it?

2) Check online. The great thing about online shopping is that you do not have to face those crazy crowds, however before adding items to your shopping baskets franticly check the returns policy, some shops like Forever 21 do not allow you to return sale items. Best shops to check out online have to be Zara and H+M; they do seem to have some good bargains.

3)Make a mental note of the items you are looking to add to your wardrobe, this means that when you do go to the shops you will not get carried away and come back with something you had no intention of buying and will most probably find at the back of your wardrobe several years later with the price tags on (believe me its happened to me!)

4)Most importantly when you come across something just think to yourself would your style icon wear it? Would Victoria Beckham wear that item that you have picked up? If the answer is no then put it down it probably isn't that great. You might as well save the money and spend on something that isn't in the sale but you will get more wear age out of.

5)Remember these are not the only sales in the year, the shops do have big sales in the summer and throughout the year. Selfridges for one have a summer sale I picked up some great bargains in their summer sales, so all is not loss if you cant get to the sales on Boxing Day.

6)Lastly please do not push, shove and snatch I know there are some bargains but being rude will not help you get them any quicker! I was never a fan of picking up a bag in the shops only to find another person snatching it out of my hands!

Top Picks
As a experienced sale shopper, I have noticed over the years the best shops to check out in the boxing day sales are Selfridges, Guess and Zara. You can pick up some great bargains and come away with some great designer gear at half the price. If you are looking for a new pair of jeans then pop over to Selfridges and most of the time you will be able to get a designer pair of jeans for under £50, making them cheaper then high street shops.
I have also noticed that Zara tends to put the majority of their store items in sale and the longer you leave it to buy the cheaper the product will go!

If you have some favourite shops to go to on Boxing Day or some more tips please do let me know. In the meantime Happy Shopping!!

Meera Sharma

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