Fashionable in Faux Fur...

This winter if there is something you have to have in your winter wardrobe it is definitely a faux fur coat. Note the faux, no way am I endorsing real fur, there is no need to harm the animals!


Who What Where.

Celebrities to look to for fashion inspiration are the Kardashian clan who always work the fur coats well, the Olsen twins and Olivia Palermo.

Pair your coat with almost everything, for a casual look pair it with some trendy leather leggings, a casual baggy vest top and some casual pumps. If you are not feeling the leather leggings then go for some casual black jeans and a black top - (think Kim Kardashian and Olivia Palermo). For the evening throw over a fur coat over your sexy sequinned christmas party dress.

Asos has some great faux fur coats at great prices so if you do not want to leave your house and stumble out in the hustle and bustle of a shopping centre then definitely check them out. If however you are a fan of shopping in the crowds then check out H+M, with prices starting at £39 they are a great place to go to if you are on a budget.

Meera Sharma

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