Stylista Profile - Nicole Richie

This weeks Stylista Profile is dedicated to the fashiontastic Nicole Richie.

Nicole Richie is the daughter of Lionel Richie. Nicole came to the spotlight in her own right when she starred in the show The Simple Life alongside best friend at the time Paris Hilton. Nicole's fashion journey has been a varied one, she started off with not the best wardrobe but when stylist Rachel Zoe took her under her wing she blossomed into a fashionista. Since then the reality star has come into her own and found her own sense of style.

Nicole Richie has since gone on to have two children and released her own fashion line called the House of Harlow.

You have to admit she has got it right and looks great whether its at events or just nipping to the hairdressers! Look above to see my favourite Nicole Richie fashion moments.

Meera Sharma

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