Hit or Miss......

This weeks Hit or Miss post is dedicated to Salma Hayek. The actress was spotted at the premiere of Americano at the Toronto Film Festival last night wearing this 'gold' ensemble.

Where to begin with this outfit, I am not sure what Salma was thinking and more so why didnt anyone tell her not to wear this outfit. Firstly the gold corset looks tacky and costume like paired with that horrible chunky excuse for a belt. I am also not a fan of the camel tight skirt or the little waistcoat. The little gold earrings add to the tack factor too! I am not a fan of Salma's hairstyle which looks awful paired with this tacky outfit.

So as you can guess Salma Hayek is this weeks MISS. If you listen hard enough you will be able to hear the fashion police sirens; they are on their way to arrest the star for her crime against fashion!

Meera Sharma

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