What to wear?

A few weeks back I did a blog post on what to wear to an Indian wedding (http://tinyurl.com/3znjwfg ). Well now that time has come and a family wedding is on the horizon which means I have to start planning my outfit. This post just shows how I have incorporated the trends I mentioned in my previous blog into my outfit planning for the upcoming engagement.

Those who know me will know I spend the majority of my time wearing Western clothing, the Indian attire only comes out for weddings and Diwali celebrations. When it comes to Indian functions, if its a wedding I usually opt for a sari, and take my influence from the pages of Vogue India and Bollywood movies! Of late I am not a fan of wearing the sari's that you see hanging in the windows of Southall and Wembley (and of course other indian shops) because quite frankly I do not think they are that interesting and nice! My latest obsession is to search through the sari collection at home and get out all the 'vintage' sari's.

My friend recently returned from India and brought me back this printed sari, which I actually love! I was planning on wearing this sari with a long sleeved blouse (which is trendy in Bollywood at the moment) for the upcoming engagement.

However I was of to put it away in the sari cupboard and I came across this beauty! I adore the fun print on it and think it is casual enough to wear to an engagement. If I wore this sari then I would either pair it with a contrasting blue blouse (as pictured below) to incorporate the ever popular colour blocking trend, or I may go for the simple pink blouse.

Long sleeved blouses are quite the trend at the moment, I got my friend to get me a whole load made in practically every colour whilst she was in India!

Normally when it comes to Indian attire I usually leave my bindi's at home. Now however it is all set to change, I adore the simple round bindi trend and am planning on adorning my forehead with either a big red bindi or a coloured one like pictured above.

So which sari do you think I should wear for the engagement, leave your opinions below!

Meera Sharma

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