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I am constantly flicking though fashion magazines and websites allowing me to see a variety of pieces that I want to add to my ever expanding wardrobe. There are two items in particular that I have to add to my A/W wardrobe.
1) Sequinned maxi skirt.
If you have been following my blog and my tweets closely you will know that I have developed a great love for maxi skirts and have made several of my own creations in the past few weeks. Seeing the above picture of Sam Faiers in the sequinned maxi skirt has inspired me to make my own take on the fab creation. A sequinned maxi skirt is a must have for A/W and will make a perfect outfit for the winter events that one has to attend!

2) Knitwear.
Knitwear is a must for A/W wardrobes; they can not only be fashionable but also are great for the winter weather we witness in the UK. I have recently started knitting again and it is only fair that I put my new found talent to good use by creating at least one piece of knitwear before September.
Rochelle Wiseman was spotted yesterday night in this lovely silver chain mail crop top (although I am not a fan with what she paired her crop top with). The summer workouts would have paid of and hopefully we all will have that summer body we are all working towards, if that is the case then this piece of knitwear would look great paired with jeans.
If you do not want to show your tum, then Khloe Kardashian's off the shoulder sweater is another perfect example of fashionable knitwear. This would look great paired with a maxi skirt, in winter tones.

My personal favourite is the batwinged cropped jumper Nicole Scherzinger was spotted in a few months back. This can be knitted longer and goes great paired with jeans, as seen on Nicole, or a maxi skirt!

If you do not want to knit yourself a jumper then check out some of the pieces I found on shopnastygal.com (pictured below). I have picked out a few of my favourites be sure to check this fab shop out!

Meera Sharma

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