Haul - Zara and Primarni!

After a lovely meeting with my cousin from America I managed to fit in some shopping time! Since the sales have started I have not had a chance to check them out due to being busy with various projects, so it was quite nice to have some free time to go shopping without the stresses of having to rush home to get on with work.

If you are of shopping this week then make sure you get yourself down to Zara. I love Zara's sale; I always manage to find a lot of good bargains. This time though I did not want to get carried away so decided to only get pieces that I can wear in summer and a/w. I picked up the silk trousers (shown above) that one can dress up and dress down. They were a bargain at only £12!!
I then went into Primark. I think a shopping trip cannot be complete if I do not end up in that store. I am obsessed with palazzo pants at the moment, they are so flattering and comfy so I did want another pair. It was a choice between some coloured jeans or palazzo pants, and the mustard palazzo pants, above, won. Coloured jeans are trendy at the moment, but I dont see myself wearing them into a/w. The palazzo pants on the other hand can be worn both in summer and a/w so they won the battle! The crazy thing was though that my trousers from Zara were actually cheaper than Primark's palazzo pants that cost £14!

Meera Sharma

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