Stylista Profile - Olvia Palermo

Each Stylista Profile is dedicated to one celebrity who I feel has a unique sense of style and looks fashiontastic.

The first Stylista Profile is dedicated to Olivia Palermo. You either love her or hate her but there is one thing everyone agrees on and that is that the girl knows how to dress. Olivia is best known as playing the 'bitch' on the hit reality show The City. Since The City ended Olivia has been busy attending a variety of social and fashion events, has launched her own jewellery line, become a model for Mango, and now is currently working on her own reality show that will show her launching her own fashion line.

Check out some of my favourite looks worn by Olivia Palermo...... (notice she has even worn the same skirt twice - shock horror, but you have to love her for doing so!)

Meera Sharma

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