Stand out from the crowd at a Big Fat Indian wedding!

Wedding season has begun so I thought I would give a few fashion tips to all of those that are attending a big fat Indian wedding in the next few months.

I have noticed that the ladies attending weddings in the UK (of course this doesn't apply to all, there are some fashionistas in the crowd) tend to just opt for the usual sari's that they see in the shops and never get creative with them. You can have so much fun with Indian clothing, especially the sari, and can translate the various fashion trends onto the sari, you just have to think outside the box
1)Colour blocking is ever so popular at the moment and it can be applied to sari's. Instead of opting for the matching blouse that you get with your sari choose a contrasting colour e.g. If you are wearing a yellow sari go for a pink blouse (Think Sabyasachi, like Vidya Balan wore on the catwalk above).

2) Bold patterned sari's (think Masaba Gupta) are another great option. You tend to find the quirky prints at the back of the sari shop where no-one really goes, trust me though there are some fun prints there!

3) Want to keep your look classic and simple then opt for a plain coloured sari and choose a nice textured blouse. Lara Dutta illustrates this look perfectly, the pearls add to the classic look!
3) Opt for a silk sari like Vidya Balan would do or Rekha - these two Bollywood ladies are the style icons to look to if you want to go down the traditional look. Make sure you don't forget to add your big red bindi!

4) Why not wear your sari in a fun way - accessorize it up and drape it in an unusual way (see above pictures.) Or even opt for a different blouse such as a shirt (like above), or if you dont feel like making such a statement then go for a long sleeve blouse, these are oh so trendy amongst the Bollywood crowd and look hot!

5) A friend of mine and fellow blogger,, came up with a brilliant idea; instead of buying a sari from the indian shops, buy a lengthy piece of decorative fabric from a fabric shop. All you have to do is add a hem and voila you are ready to role. You can get a jazzy sequinned fabric and pair it with a simple blouse - this is a great look for a reception party!

So ladies if you follow the above tips you are bound to stand out from the crowd at any wedding or parties you attend this summer!

Meera Sharma

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