Haul - Primarni Part 2 !!

Saturday was once again spent shopping in Primark but this time in Preston. I swear Primark is becoming better by the day as the store had loads of great clothing on offer. Since I managed to get a few more pieces to complete my summer wardrobe I thought I would do another blog haul.

I finally found the denim shirt that I had been in search of so I was quite happy. I am so going to wear this with some of the maxi skirts I have been making. I also picked up some vest tops, Primark is definitely the place to go for these, this particular store had them in every colour. I also decided to add some more palazzo pants to my ever expending wardrobe opting for these black printed ones, they are so comfy. I do love black as it goes with almost everything! Keep an eye out for future posts as I will be doing a post on how to wear the trendy palazzo pants.

So if you are looking to expand your wardrobe I certainly recommend going to your nearest Primark as it is fashiontastic!

Meera Sharma

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