Mad about Maxi Skirts....

I have always liked maxi skirts and dresses but have never got round to purchasing one, partly down to the fact that I have never come across one that I like the print of. And I always thought they look better if you are tall - but then what are heels and wedges for!

I have been meaning to use my fashion design skills to make some of my own clothing but have never had the time to do so, however recently that has changed and I have had the chance to get on with sewing up some of my own pieces of clothing.

I decided to go through all the old sari's in my house to find one that I could cut up and experiment with to make my first maxi skirt, as shown in the picture. I have to say making a maxi skirt was one of the most easiest things to do, the process is so simple and in a few hours I had completed my first one!

Maxi's skirts are great paired with loads of accessories, especially bangles and rings, and go great with a trendy denim shirt (left open of course).

Check out some of my favourite stars wearing maxi skirts and of course my first maxi skirt (the first image); let me know what you think of it!

Meera Sharma

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