HAUL - Primarni!!

I love watching haul videos as it is always so interesting to see the different pieces that people have picked up from shops. Since I went shopping yesterday I thought I would do my own 'haul' blog.

I haven't been shopping in ages and really did need to get some key pieces for my summer wardrobe. It was great to go shopping with my fellow fashion colleagues at Asian Fashion Online who kindly became my personal shoppers for the day! Since they all have such a great sense of style it was great to have them pick out pieces that they thought would look nice on me!

I have been to most, if not all, the large shopping centres in the country and I have to say I loved Lakeside shopping centre. If you haven't been here you have to check it out if only just for the Primark. The Primark in this place was massive (think Oxford Street but without the craziness!) and they had so many great pieces! It was where I bought all my pieces from yesterday which are pictured above. (Note that the maxi skirt is actually purple!) These are great pieces to work into my existing wardrobe, would you believe they all cost me under £40! Primark bargain indeed!

Meera Sharma

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