Princess to Be....

In just a few hours Kate Middleton will become a Princess so I thought it would only be right to have a look at her style. Whether I am committing a bit of royal fashion treason with this article is for you to decide but I am entitled to my opinion!

A few weeks back I had a conversation with a intern in a fashion cupboard about Kate Middleton's style. The conversation started when we came across a book that was devoted to Kate Middleton's style. Yes she had a whole book devoted to her. We did both come to the conclusion that her style really is not that amazing and it is perhaps because she is about to become apart of the royal family that she gets so much fuss made about her. However I have to say as far as royals go (apart from Lady Diana who had impeccable taste and wore what she wanted to) Kate does dress nicely and her style has grown evolved from safe to more elegant and chic, especially when it comes to her accessories - namely hats! Kate manages to carry of her looks with elegance and panache and I think that is what makes otherwise simple outfits look so good. To give Kate some credit I do feel that she has to wear certain outfits in order to fit in with the 'royal dress code', to be fair I suppose she could not go out dressed like Rihanna. Imagine the uproar if she did just that!

I have chosen out a few of my favourite outfits that Kate Middleton has worn across the years to keep us busy whilst we all eagerly await to see what the future Queen will wear when she walks up the aisle.

Meera Sharma

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